About Us

Some History

SS Pumps was started by Clifford Steyl and Sakkie Stoffberg in August 1987 as a Partnership. During 1993 the partnership was changed to a closed corporation and in 1999 to a Private Company. The need to align the BEE status of the company with the principles of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment was given priority ever since it was first introduced by government. It therefore gives us great pleasure to welcome Mr. Quintin Joseph to our company as from October 2005 as a Director in Marketing/Sales.

SS Pumps is a well-known company on system design, pump design and manufacturing of pumps. Pump repairs, precision and general engineering are also covered on our activity list. During 2004 – 2005 we designed and built helical rotor scrolling machines to dimensions that cover any known rotor manufactured in the world today. We started a stator manufacturing plant that was commissioned in December 2005 – manufacturing stators for our pumps to cover any capacity from 20 liters per hour to 250 000 liters per hour and pressures to 15 bars.

We managed to design machines that produce rotors quicker and more accurately than anything our competitors can offer. We learned through experience over the years and are confident that we are the leaders in our field and can offer our customers excellent service and quality products. We look forward to an exciting future and plan to grow our market share on an ongoing basis.

SS Pumps is an accredited training center of MERSETA.

Directors and shareholders

30% of the company is owned by Quintin Joseph (HDI).
35% of the company is owned by Clifford Steyl.
35% of the company is owned by Hermanus Stoffberg.

Skills Development

In 2011 we employed two successful trainees who will receive their official qualification in 2015. Two apprentices will write their trade test in 2015, while two more black apprentices will be employed during the course of the new year.

SS Pumps is a member of the following Associations

  • National Employers Association of South Africa (NEASA)
  • Small Enterprise Employers of South Africa (SEESA)
  • Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators (MIBFA)
  • Manufacturing, Engineering & Related Service Education & Training Authority (MERSETA)
  • Metal & Engineering Industries Education & Training Board (MEIETB)

SS Pumps